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*VINYL REPRESS ALERT*Following Guided By Voice’s sprawling double-album Zeppelin Over China, Robert Pollard has written and recorded another fulllength in record-breaking time. It’s Warp And Woof, exuberantly barreling through twenty-four songs in just thirty-seven minutes with a brevity similar to mid-90s GBV albums Alien Lanes and Vampire On Titus. GBV kicked this one out in a flash, recorded in studios, club soundchecks, hotel rooms and even in the tour van. After completing Zeppelin, Pollard felt the itch to record a few EPs. Just as GBV had done back in 1994, he would use them to channel his everflowing ideas to an outlet. But when a magical boombox writing session produced six fully formed songs in under half an hour, Pollard realized he had an album on his hands. What to do? With a band so formidable they’ve been dubbed the Golden Age of GBV, they completed much of the recording on the road. The 2018 Space Gun Tour provided impromptu recording venues. Pollard recorded vocals in hotel rooms, complimentary condominiums, and small studios. Doug Gillard cut guitar tracks for “End It With Light” through his Mesa Boogie rig at the soundcheck at the Ottobar in Baltimore. Bobby Bare Jr. recorded his spacey main rhythm guitars for album closer, “Time Remains in Central Position” at the same show, but in the backstage green room. Kevin March added drum tracks in a studio in his hometown Montclair, New Jersey. Gillard played guitar on “Bury the Mouse” in a van hurtling at 60-plus m.p.h., and Mark Shue laid bass on “Angelic Weirdness” as he balanced on the speeding van’s bench seat…. Two London shows in early June, their first in years and years, sold out in a matter of days and hours… GBV is still prime time!!


TRACK LISTING 1. Bury The Mouse 2. Angelic Weirdness 3. Foreign Deputies 4. Dead Liquor Store 5. Mumbling Amens 6. Cohesive Scoops 7. Photo Range Within 8. My Dog Surprise 9. Tiny Apes 10. Blue Jay House 11. Down The Island 12. Thimble Society 13. My Angel 14. More Reduction Linda 15. Cool Jewels And Aprons 16. Even Next 17. It Will Never Be Simple 18. The Stars Behind Us 19. Skull Arrow 20. Out Of The Blue Race 21. Coming Back From Now On 22. The Pipers, The Vipers, The Snakes! 23. Time Remains In Central Position 24. End It With Light


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