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  • CHK024 - LP

RELEASE DATE: 3RD MAY Damon Che is nothing short of a creative polymath. Don Caballero shows his mastery at the drums, but Thee Speaking Canaries? Well, it’s anybody’s guess, but his guitar histrionics show a musician who is practically bursting at the seams with crazed ideas and sounds. About two years ago, Che sent Chunklet a box of DAT tapes. His instructions? Find something that hadn’t been released. And well boy howdy, Chunklet found quite a bit. Almost an hour worth of material. All unreleased. All incredible. All the Canaries. Some was recorded with Al Sutton in 1995. Some in the early aughts. Some others recorded by Che himself. All a mash up. To those who remember the “other” Canaries album that Chunklet released (Platter Base Must Be Constructed Of Moon Rock to those keeping notes of such things), consider this album a companion piece. Instrumental. No vocals. Totally bonkers playing.


TRACK LISTING 1. Oh ?Those? Bridges 2. Stop The Snubbing 3. Apologies to Ben Carlos 4. Casey?s Mohican?s (Best Band Ever) 5. It Takes A Lot of Energy To Die 6. Some Bargain 7. The Troll Song Help 8. Summer Band 9. City Tonight 10. Untrustworthy Tracks Flagship Location 11. Perceived Solid Gold 12. Sound Suffering 13. Know By When 14. Allegheny County


Collection of unreleased material from indie rock group fronted by Damon Che (drummer in Don Caballero) ? For fans of Crystallized Movements, Major Stars, Van Halen ? Hand assembled, tip-on sleeve ? Edition of 200

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