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  • ITR346 - LP

“These days, good news is hard to come by, but here’s some: Lamps, LA’s notoriously unprolific noise-merchant trio, are ready to release their spectacular fourth album called People With Faces, out on In The Red Records. Produced by Ty Segall at Val’s, Lamps’ first recorded output since 2012’s landmark LP Under The Water, Under The Ground finds them breaking adventurous new terrain. I’d say they’ve matured, but I’d only say it behind their backs. Stalwarts Monty Buckles (guitar, voice, keyboards!!!) and Josh Erkman (drums, voice) double down on Lamps’ trademark cloak of effects-laden guitars and hammering drums, and new(ish) member Denée Segall jumps into the fray with her Poly Styrene-wail and monolithic bass, add-ing depth both sonically and lyrically. Their trademark abrasiveness is still present, but it’s bur-nished it into something richer, more layered. Don’t worry, it still kicks your head in...” —KD. Feb 2020 


1. Confirmed Frenchman2. God Gave Me This Haircut3. Horse Cow Dog Pig4. Monster Magazines5. Comedian6. GNATS7. Chest8. I Owe It To The Girls9. Dr. Magic10. I Need A Freak


LA noise merchant trio?s latest album, the first since 2012, and first with new(ish) member Den?e Segall? Produced by Ty Segall

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