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  • BUTR39 - LP

16 electronic, atmospheric, global & groovy delights from the Josef Weinberger Theme Music library compiled by Alan Gubby (Revbjelde, The Delaware Road). In 2015 I picked up around sixty JW Theme Music LPs in a local record store. They looked rather sad  unloved in their generic, beige & brown covers but closer inspection revealed several established composer names & intriguing equipment listed on the sleeves such as the Fairlight CMI, Mini Moog, Yamaha CS80, DX7, ARP Axxe, Prophet 5 & Roland CompuRhythm. Some of the albums appeared to be reissues of older & sought-after Programme Music & Impress LPs, so with my interest piqued, I bought the lot. Undercurrents is a selection of moods & styles from those LPs, recorded for the JW libraries between the late 1960’s and mid-1980s. There are shimmering synth arpeggios by Tim Cross (Mike Oldfield, Hall & Oates, The Adverts), fretless ambient grooves by bassist & producer Mo Foster (Scott Walker, Dusty Springfield), dusk till dawn meditations by classical Indian composer Naresh Sohal, fuzzy orchestral funk by German library don Peter Thomas, strutting electronic rock by keyboardist Derek Austin (Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, David Shire) saccharine soul and an Eno homage by library supergroup Midas Touch, a bold as brass porno-Moog theme by Pete Smith (used in 1970’s skin flick Highway Hookers) plus film-noir suspense & percussive jams by avant-garde UK jazzer Bob Downes.



'a timely selection of world music, library grooves & electronics' - Jonny Trunk

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