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  • AGIT060G - LP

NEON GREEN VINYL & PINK VINYL COPIES AVAILABLE. 12 tracks of the best bits by Australian Underground Legends BORED!.  Geelong's most raucous guitar led rock action destroyers, whom started a whole scene back in 1987, 12 tracks picked by a long term fan/friend of the band as a tribute to Dave Thomas, leader of Bored! who passed away in early 2020. Dave Thomas from Bored! is widely regarded as a legendary riff master, a "scene" definer; many of the second (third?) wave of garage rock and roll noise from 1996 onwards owe many a debt, and a riff or two. All monies raised from this release to be passed to his surviving family. Its loud, and it rocks.. join in!


A1 - Shame
A2 - Feed The Dog
A3 - People Say
A4 - Back For More
A5 - Borstal Breakout
A6 - Descender (Live 1992)
A7 - Mr 10% (Live 1991)
B1 - Little Suzie (1993 version)
B2 - Satisfaction
B3 - It's Alright
B4 - Sweet Charity
B5 - Motherfucking Motherfucker


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