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  • EZRDR128RSD - LP

In the span of just 5 years, we’ve released 10 editions of the Brown Acid series, all of them packed with brilliant long-lost, rare, and unreleased hard rock, heavy psych, and proto-metal tracks from the 60s-70s. With so much essential material to choose from, if you’re on a limited budget or you don’t know where to start, this record is for you! We’ve collected 10 powerful tracks, one from each edition, here to provide your first dose. We know you’ll be back for more. With each Trip, we unearth even more incredible bangers that somehow eluded popularity in their day For every classic rock mainstay like Black Sabbath and Grand Funk Railroad, there’s hundreds of great bands who, for a variety of reasons, were previously lost to the sands of time. Brown Acid seeks to rectify that, with all tracks painstakingly licensed legitimately and ensuring that the original artists are paid. As the series editions grow higher into the double digits, here’s a quick lysergic drop to get you up to speed. Opaque light blue vinyl


Side A
Zekes - Box (1970)
Los Angeles, CA

Midnight Witch - Ash (1970)
Melbourne, Australia

Factory - Time Machine (1971)
East Sussex, England

Kanaan - Leave It (1969)
Daingerfield, Texas

George Brigman and Split - Blowin Smoke (1977)
Baltimore, Maryland

Side B
Truth & Janey - Midnight Horsemen (1972)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Blizzard - Peace of Mind (1973)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Luke and The Apostles - Not Far Off (1970)
Toronto, Canada

ICE - Running High (1972)
Indianapolis, Indiana

Conception - Babylon (1969)
Louisville, Kentucky


Opaque light blue vinyl. 300 UK

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