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  • B&L007LP - LP

Each new record by Domenico Lancellotti (1972, Brazil) must be celebrated as a little gift. The Rio de Janeiro-born, a demanded drummer (regular musician for Gilberto Gil) and one of the most inspired contemporary songwriters in his country, Domenico owns a short but stunning catalog, either solo or along with his pals Kassin and Moreno Veloso (+2). 'Raio' means his comeback three years after the hailed 'The Good Is A Big God' for Luaka Bop. A brilliant new collection of songs recorded from his new home in Lisbon, where Lancellotti's musical parameters continue the path of his rich musical universe, that is, his personal update on all the best music the MPB has provided, with Joao Donato or Milton Nascimento as main references, sailing always through seductive and playful trademark orchestrations. Domenico explains the reasons on 'Raio'... “In 2018, Lúcia Koch invited me to set up an art installation for the Kansas City Biennial. We chose a vacant lot in the ancient black neighbourhood, the same place where Charlie Parker was born, and the first black newspaper was founded in a building close to this lot full of weeds and trash. For this project I created 6 weeded and cleaned sound mushrooms that were buried in the ground. Each mushroom was made of 5 speakers set up in circles, with one of the bass speakers in the middle. In order to get an idea of the complete display of the musical themes, people should move around. Some of the tracks on this album were part of this installation which we called Dynamo! "I moved to Portugal in 2019 and from here I kept recording. I was almost done with the record when the COVID-19 crisis arose, therefore I started working remotely, Nina Miranda sang two songs from his home in London, the Polish pianist Piotr Zabrodsky recorded piano and keys also from his home in Warsaw, Daniel Carvalho mixed and masterized the album at his studio in Rio de Janeiro. This record, called Raio, was developed since then. It is a record about permanent transformation. Everything needs to change, that is all”


Side A
Vai A Serpente
Snake Way
Margem Do C?u
Onda Do Mar
Side B
Mushroom Room
Vinho Velho
Tema Pro Ze
Lanco Minha Flecha


"Unique and brilliant sound" -

"Like the tropicalistas, Lancellotti is too engaged with what?s
happening around him to turn to a reactionary regionalism"

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