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VARIOUS - 'excuse the mess vol 1'


Hidden Notes Records are proud to announce that in February next year we will be releasing a smorgasbord of new music; creative collaborations born out of the award winning music podcast excuse the mess. Two compilation albums featuring 17 unique voices from contemporary music worlds and beyond… How does a podcast = two albums worth of music? excuse the mess is a music podcast with a twist - alongside your bread and butter artist interviews each guest takes on the challenge of writing a brand new piece of music on the fly, in the room and with excuse the mess host, Ben Corrigan. They follow three rules (limitations are liberating!): 1. There can be no preplanning, it is spontaneous music making. 2. The track must be finished the same day. 3. Only one instrument can be used as a sound source but there can be electronic manipulations of it. Our upcoming release is the end result of each of those heart palpating writing sessions featuring Hannah Peel, Gold Panda, Anna Meredith, Galya Bisengalieva, Manu Delago, Robert Ames, Emily Hall, Oliver Coates, Mira Calix, Matt Calvert, Douglas Dare, Laura Jurd, Mark Lockheart, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Anne Nikitin, Alev Lenz and Elliot Galvin. Released as two albums, to mirror the two series of excuse the mess in which they were made. All the music fizzes with an energy that only fast paced work can invoke and the compositional fingerprint of each guest artist is embedded into the core of each track, whilst intermingling with Ben's own artistic voice. For anyone interested in a further delve they can go back to the podcast episode and witness the composition unfolding bit-by-bit, from the blank page to the finished piece, you are invited on that compositional journey. Vol 1 and 2 will be released on the 4th February 2022 as digital downloads via bandcamp and limited edition books available from some of the UK’s leading Independent Record Stores ft interview extracts from podcast episodes,photos from the sessions, risograph prints, downloads and more…


1. Manu Delago - collider (Hang)
2. Laura Jurd - copper cult (Trumpet)
3. Emily Hall - petrichor (Electromagnetic Harp)
4. Robert Ames - 400 feet (Viola)
5. Mark Lockheart - infant earth (Saxophone)
6. Douglas Dare - ministry 101 (Voice)
7. Mira Calix - skating on thin ice (Ice Rink)
8. Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - inside and out (Piano)
9. Matt Calvert - resonate (Guitar)


Book includes free download. Feat. Mira Calix, Douglas Dare, Mark Lockheart

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