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  • BCR016 - LP

**SOLD OUT. SHORT SHIP DUE TO DAMAGES** Brand new album length offering from the San Franciscan sike-shroom cloudbursters, Carlton Melton… 5 tracks of crackling doom laden psychedelic thwack and strum. Burgeoning SF underground/overground label BROKEN CLOVER gets the honour to drop this hefty slab-o-sike, a counter part / adjunct to 2020’s “Where This Leads” and 2021’s “Night Pillers” releases. The third part of a much travelled trilogy? Maybe, these are the last fruits of the laden tree of psych that blooms at the DOME in northern Cali, where the band returned to in 2017 to fire up their Magick Karpet… The four tracks on side A range from a bubbling riff driven freak out to some wild and live electrical buzz/fuzz mongering.. typical / atypical Melton mind melts… and running roughshod over some pensive almost Canterbury driven guitar musings along the way... raw, alive.. essential. But the B side.. a 19 plus minute title track that is pure psylocibian-pummel..strap yourself in…lets go for a ride.. Carlton Melton are still: Andy Duvall, Rich Millman, and Clint Golden. Flyyyyyy onnnnnnnn! its limited..500 are made, we have but 100 for the UK Market (please check w/ yr sales rep for Quantity available/.._)



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