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  • ITR370 - LP

“The title of the green glow-in-the-dark vinyl record is not merely a title: it is the first step on a journey to exploring the spirit realm with Zabrecky as your tour guide—just in time for Halloween. On the off chance that you are unfamiliar with the work of Mr. Zabrecky, it will behoove you to know that that he’s had one of the most illustrious, interesting and eclectic careers imaginable. He first came into the public eye in the 1990’s while fronting the popular angst-ridden pop punk combo Possum Dixon. Unlike other artists, his quick, quirky intelligence and onstage intensity didn’t result in a solo rock’n’roll career, but directed him to explore far more esoteric avenues. His later incarnations—all fueled by the same fascinating power—lead him to become an actor, a world famous award-winning magician, mentalist, author and professional auctioneer. Equal parts persuasive snake oil salesman and unctuous supernatural aficionado, he is possessed—[ ] pun intended—of an odd, slightly eerie sense of humor...or perhaps it is that Zabecky is dead serious—and his convictions are merely perceived as humor? “For well over a decade, within the mysterious, chain and shackle- bedecked walls of The Houdini Room at The Magic Castle, Zabrecky has conducted literally hundreds of seances. One day in the not-so-distant past, Zabrecky had a revelation...or was it advice whispered from The Beyond? ‘It occurred to me that people could conduct their own séances in the comfort of their living spaces or in nearly any space,’ Zabrecky said. Harking back to his time in the post punk milieu, in which the DIY ethic came to a head, he continues, ‘They don’t need me, they just need this record. Who wouldn’t want their own do-it-yourself séance record? Hard to imagine that it hasn’t been done before.’ “Produced by the illustrious Emmett Kelly, Séance employs several 1970s analog synths as well as harp and other instruments that wouldn’t ‘normally’ be associated with a séance; the addition of Zabrecky’s hypnotic spoken vocals lead the listener to explore new realms. The and result is a record that could be considered a spooky-cool novelty...or lead the listener directly into the vast realm of The World Beyond The Veil. Ultimately, the listener will decide on the direction this record leads them...perhaps with a bit of help from a long lost loved one...or a disencarnate entity from the shadows. Either way, as Zabrecky opines, ‘The main rule of the séance is: if you believe, you will receive.’ ” —Pleasant Gehman



Seance conducted by award-winning
magician who once fronted the pop punk
combo Possum Dixon
Glow-in-the-dark vinyl, just in time for

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