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**LP's INCLUDE SIGNED ARTPRINT by Steve Roberts**Formed in the mid 80’s, signed to Arista/BMG, releasing one record and playing their last show for 30 years in 1990, 16 Tambourines burnt bright in a short period of time. Fans and the band themselves have longed for a follow up to the glorious ‘How Green Is Your Valley?’ for over 3 decades, and it is finally upon us. ‘All Men Are Fools’ is the sophomore release 32 years in the making. Created in parts through lockdown, recorded, mixed and mastered post lockdown by original members Steve Roberts, Tony Elliott, Tony McGuigan, David Oliver and Susan Bailey, along with some musician friends. The album is upbeat, sharp, witty and at points scathing. A defiance embodied in the seemingly eternal, joyous struggle to create this body of work. It is described by Steve as Mod, New Wave, Pop & Soul with a couple of jazz chords, just how the band wanted it. The title of the album, ‘All Men Are Fools’ was the first song Steve wrote specifically for the retooled, remodelled 16 Tambourines, reflecting on a talk with his daughter about boyfriends and why men are as they are


Side One
(1) All Men Are Fools (2) Sky High (3) Celebrate
(4) Sweet Libra (5) Sorry
Side Two
(1) Don?t Throw It Away (2) Jennifer (3) Closed For Business
(4) Sun Valley (5) Dark High Land


'We honestly think it's a better album than our first one'
Steve Roberts

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