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Iron Jinn are a new twisted psychedelic rock band from the underbelly of Amsterdam comprised of past and present members of The Devil’s Blood, Death Alley, Shaking Godspeed, Birth of Joy and others. Their debut full length on Stickman Records is a frantic album that follows the logic of a dream: none. The nine songs on Iron Jinn's debut are the result of a chaotic accumulation of modern world impressions, information and conversations forcefully pushed through a human funnel: the minds of Oeds Beydals and Wout Kemkens. The album took shape against the background noise of shifting paradigms, universal cramps, massages of the primal brain, plays full of mad lines, and it hesitantly kisses the underbelly that got fed oh-so-well. The band and the music itself sounds downright exciting. The voices of Wout and Oeds reverberate passionately over mesmerizing grooves and pure melodies and harmonies, a rare combination in contemporary (rock) music. Iron Jinn is an album on the edge of reality, fantasy and dream, but induced by real life events. The writing process started amidst the cultural prohibition in May 2020, and the music and lyrical themes are certainly influenced by the hypnotic state of this moment in time: how the collective consciousness was overtaken by a monolithic story; how opinions and paradigms can quickly be influenced and formed; how a lack of meaningful social interactions, feelings of fear and a hunger for one big solution to a problem really can drive people into isolation or cultlike devotion (or both). All this surfaced more than ever the last years and as songwriting scavengers Oeds Beydals and Wout Kemkens took it all in and used it to create a piece of art that hopefully mirrors, but also celebrates the human spirit. The album embodies the uprising of a new star and creates a much needed dot on the horizon for both the creators and listeners. Iron Jinn will be released on April 21st, 2023 coinciding with the band's special performance at Roadburn Festival - the very same which gave birth to the band some years ago as part of an experimental curated event.



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