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  • SHR212 - CD

Sometimes Just One Second is the second record by the Sloppy Heads. The fourteen tracks that make up the new record invite one to open their third ear to a world of kaleidoscopic slop-rock, by turns noisy, tender, layered, fast, slow, vibey, luxurious, concise, and over the top. With thirteen originals and one universe-folding cover of the Grateful Dead’s “New Speedway Boogie,” each represents a new and vivid musical adventure for the Sloppies, a trio consisting of Ariella Stok, Bill the Drummer, and Jimmy Jumpjump. It also represents a new milestone in a discography of low-key hand-made cassettes, CDRs, 7-inches, flexies, and compilation appearances. Having recorded their full-length debut Useless Smile (Shrimper, 2016) in their Headsquarters practice pad, Sometimes Just One Second represents the trio’s first extended trip with a proper studio and all its charms. Recorded and mixed by Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) at his Marlborough Farms in leafy Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, the three Sloppies are once again joined by auxiliary Head and spiritual advisor James McNew (Dump, Yo La Tengo), who glows across all fourteen album tracks. Formed in 2009 and gracing the stages of New York’s finest DIY rock palaces ever since, the Sloppy Heads are situated in their own personal underground, happily floating through a self-defined dream of an uncluttered and hassle-free musical life. CD front cover by immortal punk / psychedelic artist Gary Panter (Jimbo, Crashpad, Slash, Pee Wee’s Playhouse), and a back cover collaboration between Jimmy Jumpjump and Sesame Street / CTW animator Al Jarnow (subject of Numero Group’s Celestial Navigations), who created the cover for the band’s debut and also animated a video for the new album’s first single, the freaked-out cosmic dance party “Love Is A Disease.”


1. Possession
2. Love Is A Disease
3. Try Again
4. Between Pitches (Vibrator)
5. The Happening
6. Still Right Now
7. How Long Is Forever?
8. New Speedway Boogie
9. Shannon?s Song
10. Last Dance Fever
11. Me Do Love
12. Serf City
13. Langue And Parole
14. Baby Becoming


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