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  • CFUL0269 - LP (COLOURED)

"Flowers and Dead Souls" is the second full-length studio album by Leipzig-based trio Acid Rooster, featuring six instrumental tracks that explore the depths of freethinking psychedelic music. From very quiet, spherical melodies to space jams and driving songs, the album contains a variety of different emotions and styles that are reminiscent of the spirit of German kraut and psych rock pioneers. The album was recorded in May 2022 with a 16-track tape machine in combination with an analog mixer at Völker Studios in Bamberg, which gives the whole thing a very warm and lively sound. Due to the pandemic, part of the band had to deal with serious health problems, which is why the production of the album had to be postponed again and again.Working on the individual pieces was therefore a kind of therapeutic healing process. This can be clearly seen in the rather positive mood of “Flowers and Dead Souls”. However, the album also contains moments that express the challenges and hopelessness of the time. This polarity is also reflected in the title of the album. Solid Orange Vinyl LP presented in a reverse board finish sleeve and with a A4 Mettalic Risoprint insert



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