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‘There’s Always Glimmer' is a hugely rewarding and deeply affecting slowburner. An accomplished record that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, catching people’s attention with the fragile, intimate beauty of Gia’s compositions carrying her poignant lyrics. With word of mouth growing and multiple pressings of the record having sold out since, it’s great news then that it is finally getting the full release outside of North America that it richly deserves. The fruit of years of endeavour, ‘There’s Always Glimmer’ represents a time in Gia’s life when she had to balance her creative urges with the basic need to pay rent. A Chicago native, she excelled at both piano and guitar growing up, later finding solace in writing songs hidden away in her bedroom. Informed by greats such as Nick Drake, Linda Perhacs, The Roches and Connie Converse, she became increasingly confident that music could become more than a hobby, buoyed by the receptive audience her demos and cover series found online. Still, she decided not to rush, instead biding her time until she felt she had the right body of work to make an album ready for the daylight.


A1. Groceries
A2. Birthday
A3. Figures
A4. Smoke
A5. Goodnight
A6: In Normal Ways
B1. Looking
B2. For Flora
B3. Sugar
B4. Exist
B5. Wayne
B6. West


?Even when she sings of aching sadness, she does it with the kind of
hushed, intimate beauty that sounds like a soft glow in the darkness.
There?s always glimmer.? Stereogum

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