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*YELLOW MARBLE VINYL* Brace yourselves for the triumphant return of Mums, an iconic noise rock outfit known for pushing sonic boundaries. Teaming up with Nine X Nine Records and Society Of Losers, they proudly present their latest opus, “Legs,” promising an auditory journey like no other. Hailing from the industrial heartland of Widnes, just a stone’s throw from Liverpool, Mums is a sonic force that effortlessly melds sludge pop with unhinged intensity. Their music, a slow-burning concoction of primal melodies and molasses-thick guitars, has drawn comparisons to the likes of Part Chimp, Torche, Cherubs, and the raw energy of vintage Helmet records. After a five-year hiatus, Mums emerge from the shadows with “Legs,” an instant classic LP set to drop this Autumn. This album has been a labor of love, featuring a slew of thick, glorious tracks, including a hidden gem from the band’s earliest days. Mums’ mission with “Legs” was clear: to retain the raw intensity of their debut, “Land Of Giants,” while elevating their songwriting prowess. Each track on “Legs” is a testament to their commitment to creating an exhilarating sonic experience. With meticulous attention to detail, the band mixed and mastered the record to perfection, without compromise. Fans can expect a sonic feast that defies conventions. “Legs” is not just an album; it’s a declaration of Mums’ unyielding passion for music.


(1) Any Old Iron (2) Straight Legs (3) Who Said (4)100 Kilos (5) Control
(6) 47 Flights of Stairs(7) I Can?t Complain (8) Bent Legs
(9) Bottle of Water (10) Dressed As Girl


'A hell of a knack for a hook' - The Skinny
'It's a damn good time'
'Just as pretty as it is violent'
Birthday Cake Breakfast

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