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  • MM01 - LP

Mock Media's (Crack Cloud, N0V3L, Pottery, Painted Fruits) debut LP Mock Media II - out on Meat Machine captures this fire brand four piece's head - on plunge into enthralling existential contradictions: songs that explore the darkest corners of humanity, yet come out at the other end with the unwavering joy that marked their genesis. It's an album of sneaky eclecticism: the high-wired punk rock stylings serve as Mock Media's framework to clad their agog explorations into pop, electronic and world folk music. Mock Media, Canada's new supergroup, contains members: Evan Aasen, Garnet Aronyk Muhammad, Austin Boylan and Bennett Smith. Mock Media originates in Vernon, British Columbia, a small farming town surrounded by blue lakes and majestic mountain ranges. Such wholesome beginnings naturally sparked a heady wanderlust and DIV - spirit with in its founding members. The album's connective tissue is a knack for crafty, tongue-in-cheek pop melodies and the kind of plucky story telling that chronicles the greater complexities of life-chapters where strife and survival are usually rife.


1. ILL
2. Louis won't break
3. Father of that crime
4. Rambo
5. Modern Visions
6. Madness
7. A Reason
8. Touch the Ground
9. Get on the Ship
10. The Weight is on


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