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  • ITR342 - LP

In The Red are proud to announce the new solo album by Don Howland. Howland’s been pursuing his brand of scuzzy roots rock for over a quarter of a century, first as a member of Columbus’s beloved Gibson Bros. and later as the main man in the Bassholes. His music is a raw convergence of country blues, ’76 punk and lo-fi garage. Howland was one of the original flagship artists for In The Red and the label is happy to be working with him again. He’s been a crucial figure in underground music for several decades and is one of the American underground’s true originals. “Howland’s music is a tinnily mixed, macabre mix of psychobilly, swamp rock, and Captain Beefheartian avantgarde weirdness, peopled with weird and disturbing images, relaying troubled encounters and stories with a streak of wild-eyed glee.” —Richie Unterberger


1. Endgame
2. Half Off
3. Party In Hell Pt.1
4. Sleep In Cars
5. Treetops
6. In With The Out Crowd
7. Buckeye Jam
8. Thank You CIA
9. How Now (Brown Cow)
10. Looking Glass Rock


New solo album by American
underground original, formerly in
Gibson Bros. and the Bassholes

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