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  • AGIT013CD - CD

CHEAP PRICE COMPILATION CD of rare, unreleased, forthcoming, and brilliant tracks from the Agitated Label,and friends.. Like a massive bag of pick and mix to have a party with.. features Straight Arrows, Kelley Stoltz, Carlton Melton, oldboy, Headland, Laurel Canyon, Catatonic Suns, Last of Easy Riders, Icarus Line, Blamers, and much more besides.. 500 CD ...cheap...and tasty.. some tracks first time on CD, some exclusive to this release.. its fun! But whats that?..its not just a single CD label comp, its been double bagged with a extra CD, put together as a collection of “Radio Shows” by good friends of Agitated, The Hawk and KBCD radio!!! Heres what they had to say about DISC 2!!!! “CD2: The Agitated Radio Show on KBCD Radio - The Hawk presents a chemical hit of underground medicine all the way from Nixon County... "a repeat of CD1?" you may unreasonably ask - no, friends, it most certainly isn't.” Only 500/.. grab it on RSD 24..


Straight Arrows - Fast Product (first time on CD)
Kelley Stoltz - Reni's Car (upcoming June 2024 release)
Laurel Canyon - Madame Hits the Wire (from S/T LP)
Old Boy - Sho Caller (first time on CD)
Catatonic Suns - Fell Off (from S/T 2024 LP)
Blamers - Apple (LP only release in march 2024)
Hoss - Also, Just for You (unreleased remaster, reissued later 2024)
Koolaid (Global Tyranny) - The Process (early Agitated classic! First time on CD)
Icarus Line - Slow Death (first/only time on CD)
Laurel Canyon - M (Unreleased Cover version)
Joel Silbersher - Half a Mind (prev 7" only release)
Kings of the F>>> Sea - I Walk Alone (Live) (from 2021 Live release)
Carlton Melton - Vanquished (from the 2023 release)
Headland - Ode To Death Trip (from the 2019 release)
Old Boy -Proper Sons (from the 2022 LP)
Last of the Easy Riders - Woodland Echoes (from the 2019 album release)
Kelley Stoltz - Plants (prev only on a bonus 7")
Straight Arrows - Carpe Diem (exclusive cover for this comp)


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