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  • NFGS0224 - 2xCDs

Motorpsycho has been an ongoing concern for nigh on 35 years, starting out in 1989 just as alternative rock was coming into it’s own, they’ve gone on to expand and evolve organically into a band that over the years has toured most of the world and dabbled in pretty much every musical style you’d care to mention. But also one that never stood still long enough for the general audience to catch up – a mixture of ambition, impatience and lack of commercial nous made sure of that. All of this makes Motorpsycholand an exciting world to visit regularly for the fan, but also a bit of a nightmare to access for the uninitiated. After something like 50 album releases, it’s a huge and a daunting task to take on. To mark the founding of their own label NFGS and its UK distribution with fmd, the band have allowed fmd to create a UK only 2CD release for RSD 2024 to act as a primer /intro. 500 copies only to be made.


Disc 1
1. Psychonaut (Trust Us 1998)
2. Uberwagner or A Billion Bubbles in my Mind (It?s A Love Cult 2002)
3. Hotel Daedelus (Yay! 2023)
4. Upstairs-Downstairs (Let Them Eat Cake 2000)
5. The Magpie (The All Is One 2020)
6. The United Debased (Kingdom of Oblivion 2021)
7. The Promise (Behind the Sun 2014)
8. Hell, Pt 1-3 (Still Life With Eggplants 2013)
9. Year Zero [A Damage Report] (Little Lucid Moments 2008)
10. Pills, Powders & Passion Plays w/ Jaga Jazzist Horns (In The Fishtank 2002)
(+ secret track 11 - Hogwash)

Disc 2
1. Psycholab (Neigh! 2024 unreleased)
2. Un Chien d?Espace (Angels and Daemons at Play 1997)
3. Feel (Timothy?s Monster 1994)
4. Sinful, Windborne (Blissard 1996)
5. Sail On (Black Hole/Blank Canvas 2006)
6. Psychotzar (The Crucible 2019)
7. Lacuna/Sunrise (Here Be Monsters 2016)
8. The Bombproof Roll and Beyond (heavy Metal Fruit 2010)
9. For Free (Phanerothyme 2000)
10. The Tower (the Tower 2017)
(+ secret track 11 - Rock Bottom from the recent sold out 7")


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