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  • SBR103 - LP

Hailing from Detroit, Shadow Show is an uncompromising power trio that combines elements of 60’s garage-psychedelia into a 21st century modern pop-art incarnation. Sleek and spellbinding, the music sweeps you up into frenetic grooves and dazzling harmonies. Their music pushes the boundaries of what can be, yet remains deeply rooted in the raw, untouchable Detroit sound. Three years ago, Shadow Show released their debut album, “Silhouettes,” in the US (Burger Records) and UK (Stolen Body Records). Since then, they have dedicated themselves to writing, arranging, and producing their epic masterpiece, “Fantasy Now!”, while occasionally taking breaks for full length US, UK, and EU tours, as well as obtaining support dates with bands like Automatic, Death Valley Girls, The Nude Party, and the’s, to name a few. “Fantasy Now”’ is a huge step forward from their debut LP, reaching a more ambitious Sgt. Peppery psychedelic vision that includes swirling pop melodies, fuzz guitar hooks, flutes, tympani, backwards surprise twists, and a magical medieval acapella interlude. Shindig Magazine says Shadow Show "transport the listener down a spiral into the mind's eye.” Allmusic praises their "kaleidoscopic explosion of tremolo guitars and mod pop vocal harmonies.” The band has recently completed a USA tour, and full USA and European dates are being booked for Spring 2024. Shadow Show’s transcendental triumph, “Fantasy Now!” was written, recorded, and produced by Shadow Show in Detroit, MI, with the exception of “Aunt Maizy,” recorded live in London, UK. Mastered by Warren Defever (Third Man Records, His Name Is Alive). The album will be released worldwide February 16, 2024 on Little Cloud Records (US), Stolen Body Records (UK), and Water Room Records (JPN).



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