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  • BEWARE001LP - LP

? Wild Garage & Surf Instros, Twisted Country laments, Dumb Novelty Ditties, all interspersed with insane B-Movie trailers ? All Tracks Re-mastered from best possible sources ? Full Colour Cover with Label Shots ? Pioneering Compilation series ? Unavailable on Vinyl for more than 15 years Re-mastered for a new generation of Idiots The triumphant Vinyl return of Wavy Gravy. After many years in the Wilderness, The Dumbest compilation series returns with a deluxe re-issue of the much sought after first volume. Prepare yourself for an aural assault from some of the Wildest, Weirdest & Stupidest discs ever to be waxed. From the Chuckling insanity of the Ho Ho Laughing Monster to the Instro wildness of the Motions to the crazed sacred Yodelling of Selwyn Cox. Marvel at Moses Longpiece's heart breaking lament to his flattened sweetheart. Stomp to the Shandells Primate masterpiece and feel the despair of Porter Waggoner, with his ode to life in a loony bin.



Side 1

The Juveniles ? Bo Diddley

Laughing Monster- Ho Ho Laughing Monster

The Triads- Bacon Fat

The Motions- Bumble Bee ?65

Igor & The Maniacs- The Big Green

Moses Longpiece- Slide Her Under The Door

Senator Everette McKinley- Wild Thing

Side 2

Selwyn Cox ? His Name Is Jesus

The Shandells ? Go Go Gorilla

Porter Waggoner- Rubber Room

The Saxons ? Draggin? Around

Eddie Noack ? Psycho

The Lone Twister ? Lone Twister

Wendell Austin ? L.S.D.


you need one party platter for the festive season,,thats this one...

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