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Henderson, Tennessee's Jeffrey Novak is a name familiar to those who pay attention to the whole lo-fi-garage-punk underbelly of today's indie scene. He's released a handful of singles and at least one album on labels in the US and Europe as a one-man-band and with his former group, The Rat Traps. He's been at it for nearly five years and he's barely in his twenties. Cheap Time is his newest and most serious endeavor to date. Founded with Jemina Pearl and Nathan Vasquez of Be Your Own Pet, Cheap Time set out to recapture the essence of teenage schlock rock scuzz of such heroes as Redd Kross and The Runaways. Along the way, members shifted, as did the band's direction. An obsession with '70s glam power pop a la Sparks, The Quick, and Milk 'n' Cookies grew, and the music took on a twisted new slant never hinted in any of his previous projects. The results are the current line-up of Cheap Time and this full-length album. Cheap Time's self-titled debut is 28 minutes of snotty punk pop perfection. From the New-York-Dolls-via- Germs screech of "Tight Fit" to the anglophile power pop of "Ginger Snap" to the bubblegum bounce of "Trip To The Zoo," this debut has instant classic stamped all over its bratty face.


1. Too Late
2. Glitter & Gold
3. Zig Zag
4. People Talk
5. Push Your Luck
6. Living In The Past
7. Tight Fit
8. Permanent Damage
9. The Ballad Of Max Frost
10. Falling Down
11. Over Again
12. Ginger Snap
13. Back To School
14. Trip To The Zoo


Fans of garage pop will lap this up; Artrocker, Plan B, etc should be reviewing.

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