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  • ITR154 - LP W/ CD

Out of Metz, France comes the ugly and brutal noise-punk of A.H. Kraken. Their name is an amalgam of a facist dictator and a sea monster, and their sound is a wild, intense blur of bludgeoning rhythms, industrial clatter, scraping guitars, and caterwauling vocals. Citing influences as disparate PiL, Mot?rhead, US Maple, Suicide, Flipper, The Shaggs, and Chrome, A.H. Kraken could implode or explode at any given second. Everything is yelled in barely intelligible French, so it's impossible to say what they're bellowing about, though one song is titled "Kevin Costner Est Un Acteur Americain." When bassist/vocalist S.J. was asked, he assured that the lyrics are "all about peace and love." Be skeptical. A.H. Kraken are pure, unrestrained throttle-burn. They create landscapes of sound with instruments that are obviously getting the shit beat out of them. This mega-decibel audio destruction at its most overwrought is not for the faint of heart.


1. Allan Muller
2. Cette Fille Est A Genoux
3. De Type Causcasien
4. Axe Vertical
5. Les Murs Des Bunkers
6. Kevin Costner Est Un Acteur Americain
7. Black Borney
8. She Plays Loud
9. Verschwende Deine Jugend
10. Ahmed
11. Drop Sex



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