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London's Black Time have carved a hefty reputation for themselves over the past few years through scattered tours across Europe and the US, numerous limited-edition 7-inch records, two dense yet danceable long-player albums, and a manifesto that, among other things, espouses "fuck and rage" and the "heavy vampire sound." Double Negative is the latest full-length in the Black Time canon. Fans of the band's previous output will not be disappointed, especially if they want to hear the fractured, art-damaged scree of their singles forged with the trebly garage punk of their two albums. The trio of Lemmy Caution, Janie Too Bad, and Mr. Stix outdo themselves here and turn in the most fully realized Black Time release to date. If you've been aching for Messthetics and Back From The Grave compilations, then look no further. Double Negative is the absinthe you've been wanting to drink. Known for their propensity for all things black, Black Time carries their theme of bleak darkness to the nth degree. With tracks like "Skeleton Factory," "Blot Out The Sun," "Little Death," and "I'm Gonna Haunt You When I'm Gone" (featuring lead vox by Janie), you know you're in for the feel-bad record of the year. Calls to mind equal parts Messthetics and Back From The Grave compilations


1. When The Clock Strikes Twelve
2. Hostile Cosmos
3. Lunar Rhythm
4. The Days Are Too Long And
The Nights Are Too Short
5. Scary People
6. Repulsion
7. Skeleton Factory
8. A Boring Day For The Boredom Boys
9. Six Feet Below
10. Problems
11. Little Death
12. Lunar Eclipse
13. I?m Gonna Haunt You When I?m Gone
14. Institution
15. Blot Out The Sun
16. Backwards In Black



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