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  • BING060 - 2xLPs

The first in a series of Dead C reissue collaborations between Jagjaguwar and Ba Da Bing, the band's two Flying Nun releases, DR503 and Eusa Kills, have been pressed on vinyl for the first time in years, each along with bonus material. Originally released in 1987, DR503 sounded like nothing that came before-a furious pastiche of unrelenting drones, noise and menace. It didn't fit in with the other bands on Flying Nun, the arbiter of the time for all that mattered in New Zealand rock, and it immediately staked a fork in the road, dividing the "New Zealand Pop Sound" from its black sheep brother, "New Zealand Noise." Today, the record still sounds as vicious and vital as when it first went to vinyl, except now perhaps there will be more people ready to appreciate the innovative approach the band took some 21 years ago. This release includes the rare Sun Stabbed EP from the same recording period with bonus tracks not on the original 7-inch. Super deluxe, heavy vinyl, stoughton sleeves, we arnt getting many, no returns on these...dont be greedy.


LP1 ? DR503
1. Max Harris 2. Speed Kills 3. The Wheel 4. Three Years 5. Mutterline 6. Country
7. I Love This 8. Polio
LP2 ? The Sun Stabbed EP
1. Angel 2. Crazy I Know 3. Fire 4. Bad Politics 5. Sun Stabbed 6. Three Years


new LP is getting some good press, this album blows much else so called "underground" or "noise" out of the water...and then some

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