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WOOO YEAH!!!! In The Red brings more garage jangle noise our way....Green Bay, Wisconsin's Mystery Girls were mere teenagers when they started out. Now in their early/mid-20s, the boys (er, Girls) have delivered their most cohesive work yet on their third album, Incontinopia. It's unclear what Incontinopia means but it's a good bet that copious amounts of marijuana smoke were involved in choosing it. Recorded a couple years ago, Incontinopia has sat on the shelf while the band relocated and readjusted. Like a fine wine, Incontinopia has aged beautifully-its sound is rich, full, and earthy. Adding a dose of psych weirdness to their patented garage-punk-R&B sound has resulted in the band's finest moment. Vocalist Casey Grajek's raw-throated vocals have never sounded more powerful and guitarists Jordan Davis and Mount Mathieu D'Congo's dueling solos harken back to the MC5 and Yardbirds. This is great stuff that sounds immediately classic. Culled from several sessions and stacks of recording tape, Incontinopia was assembled by bassist/drummer Mike Zink, whose abstract approach to editing has given the album a weirdness that brings to mind Head-era Monkees colliding with Funhouse-era Stooges. Yep, Nesmith meets Asheton-it's that good! The Mystery Girls have laid low the past couple of years but upon the release of Incontinopia that will change. The band plans on a full US tour to be followed up by a swing through Western Europe. Be sure to catch them when they hit your town-bands this good don't come around very often.


1. Oh! Apollo
2. I Took The Poison
3he Magic Is Gone
4. We?re So Illegal
5. Quit Your Flyin Around
6. We Are The Death Cult
7. First Stage of Love
8. Cool It In Control
9. I Don?t Need You
10. Cold Feet
11. Birds of Paradise


Lets see the NME try and avoid this monster......will be reviewed in MOJO and wherever else people listen to promos...

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