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The Hunches are Portland's finest purveyors of cacophonous garage, delivering ragged-edged rock 'n' roll with such devastating hidden melody, one is left wondering how the band crammed such pop into the noise cavalcades. Having released two previous full-lengths, The Hunches are back with Exit Dreams, their third (and possibly final) album that captures their fiery live form on wax once more. It's a veritable melee of vicious guitar savagery and lo-fi freak-out fugginess, the perfect follow-up to Hobo Sunrise-a raging riot of an album that leaves ringing ears, bloody mouths, and shot-to-shit synapses sizzling with amplified excess. Not that Exit Dreams is a one-dimensional thrill. There's much more to The Hunches than simple shock bombast. Over the course of twelve tracks, the outfit navigates styles known to explorers of underthe- radar rock, each time twisting the tried-and-true into forms bestfitting their singular focus. Few bands of the past decade can claim to be true garage band...the hunches take that genre and blast it into real scuzzville...one of the best live bands of recent times, elements of real danger thrive amongst these tunes, but also incredible nuggets (natch) of pop and melody...this will be one of the best lps of 2009, without a doubt, kaiser chiefs? blur? hold steady? YAWWWWWWWNNNNNN!!! invoking the the same demons as the Psychedelic Stooges, Electric Eels, Rocket From The Tombs, Velvets, Cro-Magnon, and conjuring a truly amazing wreck. so, farewell Hunches, you served us well....Hurtles between cleaver-wielding punk tantrums and droney Phil Spectoresque ballads..


1. Actors
2. Ate My Teeth
3. Not Invited
4. Deaf Ambitions
5. From This Window
6. Carnival Debris
7. Street Sweeper
8. Your Sick Blooms
9. Pinwheel Spins
10. Fall Drive
11. Unraveling
12. Swim Hole


Mojo, Uncut, reviews...might be too "real" for the NME, Plan B...but heres hoping....
?[The Hunches] blast extremely hard, post-core, thrash-noise chunklets
into The Cramps? platonic framework, add vocal weirdness,
strange raunch-ballad action, and really knuckle the whole mess into
a bloody pulp. They even cover the Electric Eels? ?Accident.? And the
result are one helluva beautiful wreck.? ?Mojo

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