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The Four Aims is the much-anticipated second full-length by the long-running duo of Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof, Michael Flower Band) and Chris Corsano (Flaherty/Corsano, Jandek, Bjork, Sunburned). In the couple years since their debut, The Radiant Mirror (Textile), the two have toured and recorded frequently, expanding their range to include a mind-boggling array of free sound. "I, Brute Force" kicks off the record with their signature-one of the most original in rock/free/whatever music-the electrifying sound of Flower's virtuosic, heavily amplified Japan Banjo (also known as a Shaahi Baaja) over Corsano's free-wheeling percussion. Other tracks show off subtle improv moves, with both players using extended techniques to generate a wide range of unusual sounds. Corsano's technical mastery is almost without peer in his generation (Alex Neilson, maybe)-his ability to take the lessons of nearly five decades of free playing and extend them into new ranges is startling and exciting. Rather than play backup, Corsano meets Flower's strings and organ head-on with his own drum-bowing, cello, and circular-breathing-fired melodica. Both busy players and collaborators, Flower and Corsano will tour extensively as a duo in 2009.


1. I, Brute Force?
2. The Three Degrees of Temptation
3. The Drifter?s Miracles
4. The Beginning of the End
5. The Main Ingredient
6. The New Process
7. The Glass House
8. The 8th Day


reviews in Wire, Uncut, Mojo, the Times, and more tbc. First album was (and is) one of the most consistent sellers of 2007.

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