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One of the major reviews in the latest WIRE< limited to 300 copies only: available for special order: one way sales...etc etc..but what a set: TRACK LISTING Induced Musical Spasticity commemorates the nascent pollination - in the musty shadows of the real ersatz Sherwood Forest, a couple hundred miles north of San Francisco - of the Buttecounty Free Music Society, an apocryphal institution that encouraged anything and nothing, in musical and amusical contexts, sometimes intentionally, sometimes because no one knew any better or cared. Highbrow concept tracks by The Marques (brothers Cole and Steve Marquis) and the dramaturgical Unlikely Modernists, along with Ambivalent Dosage's pre-Vomit Launch nihilism, mutter and howl next to mad paisley destructo by Dilwhip and the quartet edition of 28th Day, Hypnagogic Jerk's overmodulated roar, and sweet, YMG-influenced instrumentals by Hallucinatory Companion (aka Barbara Manning and Cole Marquis). Ripe dementia by Experimental Artists, Lawrence Crane and John Young, and Tops Inc. stops rational people in their tracks, while turntable experiments, tape yoink, and high-lonesome electro-twarnk by Rory Lyons, Ziplok, Sidney Afrika, The Conduits, Lucian Tielens, and Richard Streeter shuffle the consciousness. And then you've got primitard rock dunt by The Flamboyant Offals, Walking Jock, Dead Boy 3, and shockingly raw 28th Day material that predates most anyone's idea of the original line-up of that influential band. Four episodes of Matt Mumper's serial radio play Beor The Friendly Thing appear, in all its inscrutable, deadpan glory. The Bren't Lewiis Ensemble pollutes the lion's share of real estate with a side-long tape cut-up a la Faust Tapes called "Goat Embryo (Covered With Glue)," and their entire Industrial Barbecue set. Also here are the spot-on country lament "Plastic Jesus"; the electronic damage of "Mid-Range Phase/Link 3"Dome"; the Smegma-influenced "Lightbulb Incident," infamous for its live, on-air sodomy; a KCSC radio interview that includes the group's first recordings; and a handful of previously unreleased tracks. Two-thirds of the material here was previously released (translation: a few dozen cassettes were dubbed one at time and passed through the hands of people in the same rural Northern California area code 25 years ago). All the relics in this boxset are likely unheard by anyone not specifically mentioned above.Willfully outsider free nreeeeeeeum by The Bren't Lewiis Ensemble and the entities with whom their salty juices comingled a quarter of a century ago. Unheard cassette recordings from 1982- 84 exposed to the unforgiving gaze of 21st Century scrutiny for the first time. Soothes nostalgia for vintage tape hiss and clunky cassette edits. Silkscreened box includes four doublesided color inserts, 24 x 36 color poster. Bonus CD of radio plays, an interview, and more rare and live material.


The Marques New Leash on Life
Lucian Tielens When We Eat Jesus
Ambivalent Dosage
Transcendence of the Eggs
Richard Streeter Cookies Shaped Like Kites
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble Tallulah Bankhead
28th Day Let Go
Dilwhip Do You Know How It Feels?
Hypnagogic Jerk California Condor
Hallucinatory Companion Glass Pumpkin
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble Sakura Sakura
Flamboyant Offals Wentz Market
28th Day Reality Is Contraception
Walking Jock Seven Year Itch
Dead Boy 3 Yeah
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble Je Suis un Chien Mort
Hallucinatory Companion Tit Wax
Experimental Artists Carnival of Headache
Lawrence Crane and John Young
What?s Your Beef?
Tops Inc. Lumberjack Song
Hypnagogic Jerk
California Condor Slight Return
Hallucinatory Companion
That?s When She Knew She Was One of Them
Rory Lyons Introduction to the Device
The Conduits
(In Yugoslavia) Cigarettes are God
Sidney Afrika Fly Like an Algae
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble
Mid-Range Phase/Link 3" Dome
Ziplok We Meet Under Blankets
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble
Goat Embryo (Covered With Glue)
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble Industrial BBQ
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble Plastic Jesus
Unlikely Modernists Rocks
Bren?t Lewiis Ensemble Lightbulb Incident
The Marques The Brothers
On the Bonus CD
Matt Mumper Beor The Friendly Thing
Thrasher Interview With Bren?t Lewiis


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