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Brooklyn's Vivian Girls are back with Everything Goes Wrong, released almost exactly a year after In The Red's reissue of their self-titled debut. The band have taken their time with this new album and recorded it in six days-rather than the three their debut took-though many of the songs were still recorded in single takes. Over the last year, the Vivian Girls have toured the US and Europe extensively, received a considerable amount of national and international press, sparked fierce debate as to whether they are a refreshing blast of unselfconscious punk rock energy or a crew of contemptible, incompetent posers and, perhaps most significant of all, become the subject of a question on the Jeopardy game show. Everything Goes Wrong is a darker, moodier album than its predecessor, with a couple tracks clocking in at almost twice the length of anything on their debut. That said, the influences remain the same; Ramones, '60s girl groups, surf, indie pop, etc., etc. This is immediately classic stuff. Watch for constant touring in late '09 and '10. One of the essential albums of 2009: this will be in many end of year lists.


1. Walking Alone at Night
2. I Have No Fun
3. Can?t Get Over You
4. Desert
5. Tension
6. Survival
7. The End
8. When I?m Gone
9. Out for the Sun
10. I?m Not Asleep
11. Double Vision
12. You?re My Guy
13. Before I Start to Cry


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