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There are actually three Christmas Islands: one off the coast of Australia, one in the Pacific Ocean (which also goes by the name Kiritimati), and one whose incredible self-titled debut album is on In The Red. Hailing from sunny San Diego, California, Christmas Island plays music that on the surface is happy and poppy. There is a dark undercurrent to their brand of lo-fi pop punk-it is joyous and almost twee while secretly depressed and deeply disturbed. Citing Tronics, Urinals, Television Personalities, The Clean, Versatile Newts, and The Fall as influences, Christmas Island is Beach Boys-style, sunny Southern Californian pop by way of the late-'70s / early-'80s UK DIY scene.


1. Pre-Apocalyptic
2. Black Cloud
3. I Don?t Care
4. Anxiety Attack
5. Egypt
6. Bed Island
7. Dinosaurs
8. It?s True
9. Weird You Out
10. Doin? Swell
11. My Baby
12. Blackout Summer


?... the band has a subtle charm that mixes sunny California
harmonies with a nod toward the garage in the vein of Kiwi
poppers like The Clean.? ?Raven Sings the Blues

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