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  • BING066 - 2LP & CD

Following the 2008 release of a pair of double-LPs, Ba Da Bing continue their Dead C reissue project with two new records. Relegated to expensive fodder for eBay bidders until now, Clyma Est Mort can be considered The Dead C's "Ed Sullivan moment," except it wasn't performed live on network TV-it was recorded in a practice room in Port Chalmers, NZ, in 1992 with the inestimable Tom Lax of Siltbreeze as the sole member of the audience. Since the goal was to make a "fake bootleg" album for release on the mythical Proletariat Idiots Productions label-and in honor of the 13th Floor Elevators (often overlooked as an influence)-the band dubbed in fake audience noise from a gig by the Renderers. Despite the deliberate incompetence with which this was accomplished, Clyma is often touted as a "live album." This is only true in the sense that the band members were alive when they made it. This double-LP reissue includes Tentative Power, a collection of non-album tracks many consider among the band's best moments.


Disc 1 ? Clyma Est Mort: 1. Sunshine / Dirt for Harry 2. Sky 3. Electric
4. Power 5. Highway 6. Ein Kampf, Ein Seig 7. World 8. Das Fluten
Disc 2 ? Tentative Power: 1. Hell Is Now Love 2. Bone 3. Mighty 4. Power
5. Peace 6. Radiation 7. Power (Fallujah version)


Wire, MOJO, Uncut, all bowing to the power of The Dead C, and ATP in December!

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