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  • WOODSIST043 - LP

A scene (of sorts) defining compilation of major proportions, Woodsist has consistently released great record after great record, 2010 in particular has vintage stamped all over it because of the new Woods album, the Moon Duo album, and now this comp snapshots a label in its ascendancy: exclusive tracks from Fresh And Onlys, Woods, Run DMT, Moon Duo, Skygreen Leopards, Nodzzz, Ducktails, Art Museums, City Center, The Mantles, Alex Bleeker, and Cause Co-Motion. "It's true-the sons and daughters of Homestead, Xpressway and first-wave Drag City (et al.) are now making good music. The '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and '00s are all there, bound together by shitty tape machines, reverb and easy chord changes, but melody is back and so is the joy of jamming a perfectly mangled pop song. Welcome Home might hit some new kids the way Human Music or Nuggets did back in their day. In any case, it's one of those rare compilations you can play straight through and over again." -Glenn Donaldson


1. Woods ? I?m Not Gone
2. Run DMT ? Richard
3. White Fence ? The Love Between
4. The Fresh & Onlys ? Heel.Toe.
5. The Mantles ? Bad Movies
6. Skygreen Leopards ? Catch
7. Alex Bleeker ? Gettin? By
8. Moon Duo ? A Little Way Different
9. City Center ? Box of Rain
10. Cause Co-Motion ? Over You
11. Art Museums ? Darling Are You Out of
Your League Again
12. Nodzzz ? Old Clothes
13. Ducktails ? Sun Out My Window



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