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  • WOODSIST046 - 12"

The 23rd Excepter record: The Late EP. The Black Rust Rush Tour of "High Noon" lore. One track recorded at Oberlin Dionysus Disco, Fall 2009, in I-94 palindrome dub by R/N. One track recorded at 382 Jeff Street by Lala with the TR-808. 2009-2010 edit. Two tracks live on "Presidence Day" at the Glass Lands, February 16th, 2010, by Derek Maxwell, sound engineer. The Late EP returns Excepter to Woodsist. All four tracks are previously unreleased. The Tank Tapes are included as a complimentary bonus digital download with the record. Excepter is New York City's premiere improvisatory, vocal-and-electronics cosmic beat-box band. Whether on stage, on record or on video, Excepter never gives the expected, and this is no exception? ? New EP from New York experimental group ? Includes a free digital download of the 2007 cassette-only release Tank Tapes


2. LAL8
3. Anastasia
4. Cat Piss and Licorice
Download-Only ? Tank Tapes
5. Joanna
6. Targets
7. Jordan
8. No Pilot
9. Black Ground
10. Lypse 3


?Tank Tapes displays Excepter?s more inarticulable qualities
... it?s stranger, looser, more beautiful.? ?Pitchfork

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