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  • WOODSIST049 - LP

Woodsist, start 2011 with Ducktails, and then this...this is the album the Coral have been trying to write for 6 years, the album the Sights promised but didnt deliver, this is the most perfect psych pop record thats graced out subwoofers ever.. "Those who expect Tim Presley's White Fence project to be an extension of Darker My Love are in for a lysergic surprise. Sure, listen to Is Growing Faith, and you'll hear the same '60s love that's in Presley's day-job band. But replace the boogie bass with The Velvet Underground and Nico guitars, ramp up the weirdness-you'll start to feel all the brown acid in your brain melting into your pineal gland just in time for the bad trip lyrics to kick in. That and the laughter, and the reverb, and the echo, and the feeling that this is a nightmare Presley's welcoming you to enjoy. "Few albums in the recent past have had such a bleeding, in-the-red mystery (Ween's The Pod comes to mind, as does Alex Chilton's Like Flies on Sherbet, or most of the Ariel Pink catalog). Is Growing Faith has a calmbefore- the-storm feel, albeit a paisley one filled with hashish-laden clouds of wonder. Aside from a few well-placed punk drums and vintage guitar sustain that stretches as late as 1978, this could be the great lost Teenage Shutdown or Pebbles compilation, with fantastic, fanciful ballads and faded odes to lost friends all wrapped up in a stoned-ground aural husk rough enough to wear down one's teeth. The individual songs each tell their own story, sometimes in Kinks style, sometimes like a Voxx Records band from the '80s, and sometimes like a third-generation Dylan-buzzed teen who only recently learned two chords on the Farfisa. Is Growing Faith is so creative, so enjoyable, so deep, one wonders how Presley does it, what with Darker My Love and The Strange Boys being just some of his many other projects. Clearly White Fence takes some go-go-go with its linger-linger-linger. As Presley says in 'Tumble, Lies & Honesty': 'There is a power in me: I never look behind.'" -Dan Collins, L.A. Record)


1. And By Always 2. Growing Faith
3. Sticky Fruitman Has Faith
4. Your Last Friend Alive 5. Enthusiasm
6. A Pearl Is Not a Diamond
7. Tumble, Lies & Honesty
8. Lillian (Won?t You Play Drums?)
9. Get That Heart 10. Harness
11. Stranger Things Have Happened (To You)
12. Body Cold
13. The Mexican Twins/Life Is? Too $hort
14. Art Investor Collector
15. When There Is No Crowd
16. You Can?t Put Your Arms Around a


?Darker My Love and The Strange Boys... do variations of dirtied-up psychedelic
pop. White Fence is [Tim Presley?s] third band and much more idiosyncratic.
It?s just Mr. Presley making songs as complicated as he wants,
with his multi-tracked asthmatic voice and his gift for weird, wayward song
hooks.? ?Ben Ratliff, New York Times
?[Presley?s] debut under the moniker White Fence is absolute ramshacklescatterbrain-
chaos, revealing an equal affinity for the acid-soaked psychedelia
of Syd-era Floyd and the noise-caked post-punk of The Fall. Even while
traversing a wide variety of moods and personalities, this kaleidoscopic LP is
masterfully complete, and an understated portrait of the savvy genius behind
it.? ?Altered Zones / Weekly Tape Deck

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