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Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Davila 666 plays fierce Spanishlanguage garage-pop with gang vocals, tambourines, pop hooks, guitar licks and even a touch of psych here and there. Elements of early Stones, Jesus and the Mary Chain, Dead Boys and '60s girl groups are all evident in Davila's sound. Since their 2008 self-titled debut album, they've released a slew of singles and EPs on labels like Ho- Zac, Rob's House and Douchemaster. The album even received a coveted cassette release on Burger, a garage rock signal that "they've arrived" if ever there was one. Davila 666 toured the US on a mammoth three-month trek that would've made Black Flag weary, as well as completed a massive slog across Europe. As soon as they began recording tracks for their much anticipated follow-up, Tan Bajo, which means "so low," the band realized the sounds they were making were darker and more psychedelic than their previous output. Though it retains the pop and rock 'n' roll one would expect, Tan Bajo is Davila 666's most cohesive release to date.


1. Tan Bajo
2. Obsesionao
3. Yo Seria Otro
4. Los Cruces
5. Si Me Vez
6. Mala
7. Robacuna
8. Esa Nena Nunca Regreso
9. Eso Que Me Haces
10. Patitas
11. ?Diablo!
12. Ratata
13. Noche de Terror
14. De Verdad


Davila 666?s better-than-average chops, potent swagger, and thorough
knowledge of the cooler chapter of rock ?n? roll history more than
compensate.? ?Allmusic.com
?Since picking up Davila?s debut disc, I?ve refused to put it back
down. On their US debut, these triple-sixers filter three decades of
scuffed-up leather jackets through the Spanish-language translator.
Disparate patches of Radio Birdman, The Dead Boys and rudimentary
jangle pop are all threaded onto the album, the charms of which are
multiplied by the fact that Davila 666 sounds like it was recorded live
at a basement birthday party.? ?SF Weekly

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