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NICE PITCHFORK REVIEW LAST WEEK!!! Taking their name from the phenomenon of analog television frequency disturbances, Lafayette, Indiana's TV Ghost conjures an especially sludgy and punishing brand of art-punk. They began making a name for themselves in 2007, when their first 7-inch, Atomic Rain, was released by Die Stasi Records, also home to the noisy likes of Pink Reason and Zola Jesus. TV Ghost's sinister sound-which echoes the Scientists, Suicide and The Cramps' '70s output-and frantic live show won them an underground following; a 12-inch EP on Die Stasi, a single on Columbus Discount Records and their debut album, Cold Fish, followed in 2009 with several rounds of touring the US in support. The band's trek across Europe in 2010 left a trail of busted gear, annoyed booking agents and new fans behind them. TV Ghost's sophomore full-length was recorded by Greg Ashley (Gris Gris), and Mass Dream is by far their clearest and most coherent release to date. While sacrificing none of the band's scuzz-punk dementia, this album is far less dense and impenetrable than its predecessor; Ghost frontman Tim Gick's lyrics are clearer and his complex song structure a bit easier to get a handle on. That said, this is still blood-boiling, spastic and down right evil music by anyone's standards. Live, there are few who can match them. Their sets are explosive, destructive and out of control. Gick howls as if his bowels are being extracted through his gluteus, while his eyes roll back in his head and the rest of the band pummels away in noisy ecstasy. Every show they play is psychotic and chaotic perfection. Mass Dream is the first time it's been captured on wax to perfection.


1. Wired Trap
2. Sleep Composite
3. The Winding Stair
4. Cancor
5. An Absurd Laceration
6. The Inheritors
7. Doppleganger
8. Subterfuge
9. The Degradation of Film
10. Tropes
11. Mass Dream



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