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  • WOODSIST053 - LP

"Woods is a two-headed dog asleep on the porch and a butterfly on the windowsill... a Janus, a Gemini and a screen door. The sun won't fade and the earworms will not leave, but the jams go on too long for the girl in the back who wonders if her friends are at another bar. Still, the ballads always make her cry. Woods is up there relaying the Woods-feel: Folk-rock, fuzz, tambourines, tapes and raw lunch pulled straight from the yard. Pop songs and other things: Sun and Shade." -Glenn Donaldson


1. Pushing Onlys
2. Any Other Day
3. Be All Be Easy
4. Out of the Eye
5. Hand It Out
6. To Have in the Home
7. Sol y Sombra
8. Wouldn?t Waste
9. Who Do I Think I Am?
10. What Faces the Sheet
11. White Out
12. Say Goodbye


uk PR handled by Goldstar (SWANS / Yeasayer), recent session on BBC6 Music for Marc Riley was well received.
European tour in September, including a slot at End Of the Road, plus UK dates with Kurt Vile.

?Loose, shuffling and tuneful, the abridged Woods experience
sounds more like Wowee Zowee than Workingman?s
Dead, but it hits just the right contradictory note of tight
arrangements and breathing-room playing to get that backporch,
weird America vibe.? ?Pitchfork

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