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Something is skulking through the toxic runoff of the entertainment capital of the world. With several 45s and last year's debut LP, Wounded Lion established themselves as Los Angeles' catchiest art-punk band. Fans love their exciting and weirdly direct live shows as well as their strange and original music videos, and the group is proof that genuine and cool music is alive in today's LA underground-no longer must one rely on rad memories of the Urinals, Suburban Lawns or Wall of Voodoo. The group's sophomore album IVXLCDM is a total ripper. The Lion has grown smarter and meaner with the addition of Lars Finberg (chief Intelligence officer, original pounder for the A-Frames, and current drummer #2 for Thee Oh Sees) nailing it behind the drum kit and adding rich, fucked-futurist guitar action. Recorded by the singular Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors, Karate Party, etc.), the LP sounds dense and purposeful, with clattering, duel-Telecaster strum, tubeamp hum and feel-it-in-your-chest kick drum. IVXLCDM is without a doubt one of the best records of 2011-not just from Los Angeles or the underground, but from the entire spectrum of activity of living things in the universe.


1. Monkeys
2. Roman Values
3. Wyld Parrots
4. Black Ops
5. Going into the Unknown
6. Sacagewea
7. I?m Sad
8. Raincheck Vibrations
9. Oh, Jim



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