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  • SAB050 - LP

"Everything Pumice owns is broken. Virgin audience members at his shows might think he is fucking up till half-way through when it becomes clear they are witnessing a perfect solo ballet of mini-cassettes, modified guitar, foot-pedal drum-kit & short-circuiting spring reverb croon. Deep into a genius career, Pumice still surprises with his subtle mastery of broke-down sounds, slowed-down Magic Band rhythms, crumbling chord organ hymns & tragic ballads that reach deep into the very soul of Flying Nun / Xpressway / Root Don Lonie For Cash anti-pop pop music. PUNY is as difficult to fathom & as easy to love as all his best work." - Glenn Donaldson Pumice's PUNY rides the existential rails, frothing forth into a fog laden with static heaps & acerbic musings. Pumice's lone heart/voice is Stefan Neville (operating solo quorum), and PUNY is the first album he's distilled in four years following an-album-a-year pace & touring life in prior years. Aside from a split single with Grouper, and a few other EPs, Pumice has been mainly dormant during this time, with Neville working closely with others (as a member of Olympus, The Coolies, The Renderers, Chris Knox/The Nothing, and The Spunks & probably more), largely leaving alone his own music & visions. Touching on personal & private toils, PUNY is as downcast as it is transformative, slowly burrowing under your skin with insidious (yet mostly buried) melodies, malaise and raw beauty. Nods to Gate and Tall Dwarfs notwithstanding, PUNY marks another step beyond the axis of Flying Nun and Xpressway for Neville's songs; pummeling organ dirges are balanced with voice-driven experiments and minor-key pop strumming delivered as only Pumice can. Another wistful & unique ? yet familiar ? offering from this modern Kiwi noise-pop auteur.? New Zealand noise-pop from Pumice ? first in 4 years! ? Toured NZ/USA with Grouper, Oh Sees, Swans, & more ? Limited LP pressing includes download with bonus EP


01. Hey Crap Crab 02. Stink Moon 03. Ready to Rot 04. Trophy 05. Coeliacs Bring a Plate 06. Covered in Spiders 07. Hump Piss 08. Smell the Towel 09. Cuachag Nan Craobh



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