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  • LSSN019 - 7"

Statuesque Vancouverite Sally Dige is emblematic of a restless spirit flitting in and out of view, an apparition just out of reach. On "Forget Me"the idea of self is brought into focus then blurred as Dige intones a dark hymn to self-erasing. Over an emotionally wrought 4 mins, post-punk bass lines and moody synth-leads edge the author into willed obscurity from view. On the edges of the song are hints at a fractured, fragile character: "I'd rather go alone / and not be missed by anyone." Is it auto-biographical? Or a character impeccably acted? On the other side "Losing You" proves that Sally Dige never gives too much away. Here she wears the mask of a jaded lover watching the physical and moral collapse of someone once loved, confronted with something unrecognisable. Melding an Italo Disco skeleton with dark analogue synths, in many ways the music is similarly an eroded form once recognised, now perverted into a propulsive, strange new language. This is pop music approached from an enchanted angle. Progressing from early synth-punk beginnings to fully-fledged DIY autonomy, Dige presents a vision out of sync with time and place yet in tune with a deep disconnect that is felt in the pit of the stomach. Sally Dige emerged in 2012 with a now sold-out 7" on Fabrika Records and a portfolio of videos that expanded her artistic narrative. Now relocated to Berlin, Dige is currently working on her debut album.



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