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  • ITR263 - 2xLPs

In The Red is proud to announce the new double-vinyl reissue of The Intelligence’s debut album, Boredom and Terror. Originally released on Narnack / Omnibus Records in 2004, Boredom and Terror is the first time Lars Finberg stepped out from behind The A-Frames’ drum kit to showcase his own music. Later releases by The Intelligence were fleshed out with additional musicians, but on this debut album Lars was an army of one toting an eight-track recorder and a notebook full of songs. The results are as original as they are incredible. This is lo-fi post-punk electro garage-core, equal parts Devo, The Fall and something altogether its own. This new edition of Boredom and Terror has been newly remastered. The original vinyl release contained an eleven-track bonus CD which is included here as a second LP. Both are housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve. “Lars Finberg, the lo-fi dandy of West Seattle, locked his front door and pressed the record button on his favorite eight-track machine and made songs that could be either ecclesiastic alien probes, Hank Williams going electro-slash, or John Lennon making friends with a video game.” —Insound


1. The World Is a Drag
2. The New Kings and Queens
of Musical History
3. Spellers and Counters
4. Telephone Wires
5. The Universe
6. Guys
7. Singing Contest
8. The Night Belongs to Microphones
9. Boredom and Terror
10. Staff Infection
11. Virgos
12. Books
13. Weekends in Jail
14. Faint Joy
15. Matches vs. Lighters
16. Darling That Was a Lie
17. I Don?t Want To
18. Let?s Toil
19. The Edge That Cut Itself
20. Bee Hive
21. Practicing Medicine
22. Ten to Twenty
23. T.M.W.T.R.O.


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