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  • SBR020 - LP

*INSTOCK AND SHIPPING*Stolen Body Records are proud to announce the forthcoming album from the magnificent Bristol 4 piece The Evil Usses comprising of Conrad, Leon, Dan and Lorenzo. They play, as they describe, ‘jazzy notrock, post-op pop’. Through wildly chaotic sax solos and spasmodic guitar bursts, The Evil Usses are a band full of sensory passion and provocation. Think Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band mixed with Frank Zappa and Sun Ra and you might get where these Bristol guys are coming from. Stolen Body Records first released The Evil Usses as part of Vegetarian Meat 2 and have been excited about getting this album out ever since then. The Evil Usses have been praised for their amazingly wild and energetic live shows and they have recently recorded their eponymous debut album with renowned Bristol musician Jim Barr (Portishead, Get The Blessing) who has also co-produced the recor



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