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  • RWR014DTX08LP - 12"

An absurd idea, brilliant! It happened in December 2014, during some aftershow beers when mnntaB performed in London. Friends reignited! 2 labels rosters covering each others songs in the spirit of mutual fun and support. The Melbourne based electronocentric Detonic Recordings label with its fetid oozing Dirt Beat and dirtier attitude provide the stroppy glamour to the London based Outsider label, Radiowave Recordings' roughneck garroullous garage grunt guitar gyrating gism. 14 acts, 14 songs, 14 devious diversions, 14 belches of joy. A double A-side compilation ? A box set of split singles? A tetradecagon A sided album, if you will, of new-fi, lo-rent joyous spleurge and run. The face-off starts with Brisbane's Wolf Shield belting out a beat infested take on Project Dark's 'Nudge Nudge' on one side with London's cesspit supergroup Black Rat Speedway Machine's sonic sssault on School Damage's 'Sick Of You' in response. Both intrinsic power and boom-bastic ways to kick off. We then have the razor raunch and grind of Infecticide ripping through ‘Atomic Suplexed By A Girl’ up against a rare appearance from Hell From Above who’s apocalyptic presence from the dark side of the Industrial mirror reflects back the two tracks ground together into ‘Prehistrionic Partytime’ Sweaty tension rises all round to for healthy dose of on Pan European Particular. Waterfall Person’s demented hospital therapy terror version of LDC's 'You Never Made Me Cry' butts up against a born again Project Dark empassioned blaze through Wolf Shield’s ‘No More’. Both equisite evolutions from the dissolution of their origins, simultaneously spectral and turkey bastered. The Diesel Dudes psychomaniacal raid on Sexton Ming’s leather cod pieced pean ‘I Am Spartacus’ has the favour returned by the Mirror Twins (fronted by Ming) who wreak savage damage on the innocent salad crops in ‘Earthmover’ Ex-pat Londoners Dik (Bastard Kestrel) & Jon (Penthouse/Gin Palace) pulverise their bogan banger racing car stereos,with a gnarly take on the Super Snipes 'Aint No Nothin', while an inpromptu performance of Headbutt trounces the spindley legged Dik’s band of his youth, The Lost's, 'Too Old' Layers and layers of crossed histroical paths with these people, The rock’n’roll Time Team live to slug in out another day. School Damage go all school disco as they snog the blushing Hot Pant/Black Rat's joyful divorce revenge malady classic 'Lift Off', while the London Dirthole Company seep, sleeze and slide their way through MnntaB's electrosonic Gang of 4esqe gem 'Wires & Pulses' And proceedings draw to a shuddering climax with The Super Snipes uptempo valium’d garage pop rattling sabre thrust though Waterfall Person’s ‘Are You Ever Anywhere?’ while mnntaB shove’s a menacing red hot poker up Headbutt's cult 90’s single 'The Shooting Party'. Honours even. All in all, this Long Player contains something for everyone with a penchant for the absurd, ridiculous and downright dirty joy of music. It’s not so much of a ‘Who's Who?’ as a Why? Why? What The Fuck! An insight into the gloriously derranged underground that lurks in the shadows just the other side of plain sight and perhaps an earworms bollock away from infecting your life. It's either that or living the slow orbitting decay of Radiohead or onwards into the blandishments of the U2 of the 21st century. Be smart, dont be safe. File under: Beatpunk Electroniky Stomp


Side A: BLACK RAT SPEEDWAY MACHINE ?Sick Of You?. HELL FROM ABOVE ?Preshistrionic Partytime?. PROJECT DARK ?No More?. LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY ?Wires & Pulses?. MIRROR TWINS ?Earthmover?. HEADBUTT ?Too Old?. SUPER SNIPES ?Are You Ever Anywhere??
Side 1: WOLF SHIELD ?Nudge, Nudge?. SCHOOL DAMAGE ?Lift Off?. IINFECTICIDE ?Pourquoi Pourquoi (Atomic Suplexed By A Girl)?. PISS PRUNES ?Ain?t No Nuthin??. DIESEL DUDES ?I Am Spartacus?. WATERFALL PERSON ?You Never Made Me Cry?. MNNTAB ?The Shooting Party?


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