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LONG OVERDUE REPRESS (DELAYED SINCE....ETC....) RED VINYL REPRESS 200 COPIES FOR UK That we live in a world changed is beyond question. Since 2015’s Zenith, Berlin-based songwriter Molly Nilssonhas surrendered to the world, traveling from Mexico to Glasgow, observing the changing socio-political landscape and imagining a better world. For an artist who has so successfully created her own environment and gradually let others in, her 8th studio album Imaginations sees Nilsson directly engaging with her surroundings, engendering change and allowing love in. Imaginations dreams big, recasting storming, stadium-sized pop into t h e i n t e r n a l l a n g u a g e o f t h e s o l o a u t e u r . Im a g i n a t io n s i s n o t e s c a p i s m , i t ’s a k a l e i d o s c o p e a n d a n a l te r n a t i v e view, an agent of change. Opener Tender Surrender encapsulates Imaginations, a tango on the ruins of t h e p a s t , l i k e m a n y o f N i l s s o n ’s best songs a collision between the political and personal. Though potentially a love song, there’s a glowing anger i n t h e l i n e s “I w a n t y o u r r u i n , I w a n t d e s t r u c t i o n , I w o n ’t b e t h r o u g h u n t i l w e m e n d t h i s ... ” t h i s i s r ap t u r ous transformation, order and chaos. Molly has built an almost 10 year career on perfectly summing up how we feel and this is no different... W ho else could write a song about privilege (Let’s Talk About Privileges) and make a heart-r endi ng c hor us of “It ’s never being afraid of the police, it’s expecting every thank you, every please.” The artist’s vision on this album is perhaps more forceful than the emotionally fragile moments of previous album Zenith, at times exemplified on songs like Memory Foam, a bright, driving pop song that belies themes of nostalgia and the past, reminding us that Molly alone can make us feel so welcome in loneliness. If there’s overt anger in songs like Money Never Sleeps, an anthem for a post-capitalist utopia if ever there was one, there’s also seams of optimism sewn into the album’s genetic code. A ny revolutionary will tell you that anger alone achieves nothing - Nilsson’s mission on Imaginations is to offer some alternatives we can hold close. Not Today Satan is a song about accepting love as the agent of change; “D on’t be sad, but do get mad at all the small men who act so tall, in the end they always fall; there ain’t no sin in giving in to love, that’s just how we’re winning the f i g h t . ” L o v e c a n b e v i s c e r a l , a w e a p o n w i t h w h i ch to fight the power. On Imaginations Molly is recasting her interior monologue as a prism through which to see the world, a means to live differently and to reject the status quo. We can Think Pink, change our destiny together. This is an optimism aboutt h e f u t u r e w h e n w e n e e d i t t h e m o s t . “N e w b o y s , n e w g i r l s . . g i v e m e y o u r s m i l e a n d I’l l g i v e y o u m i n e ”C learly, we are living through a transformation but with alchemists like Molly Nilsson, we’re never alone in the process


1.Tender Surrender 2.Let?s Talk About Privileges 3.Mona-Lisa?s Smile 4.Memory Foam 5.American Express 6.Money Never Dreams 7.Not Today Satan 8.Think Pink 9.Modern World 10.Inner Cities 11.Theory Of Life 12.After Life


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