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Music for happy people this ain’t. Heave Blood and Die’s second full length is a sorrowful yet beautiful soundtrack to the fast approaching apocalypse.Seemingly eternal darkness, frosty winds and bleak landscapes - winter in the north is the perfect season for metal. Given this, it comes as no surprise that Scandinavia has the most metal bands per capita in the world. Enter Heave Blood and Die, a quartet from the city of Tromsø, Norway, within the snowy realms of the Arctic Circle. Though hardly in their twenties, this is already the band’s second offering on Blues For The Red Sun Records and a fierce step forward. Vol. II is a breath of fresh air in the doom scene, blending both the familiar and strange in its dual guitar- and synth-driven sound. While the songs plod heavily at doom metal tempos, synth player Marie Sofie Langeland Mikkelsen interweaves epic melodies, biting saw waves and subtle ambiance into their dark sound. Heave Blood And Die most obviously draw inspiration from contemporaries such as YOB, Pallbearer, Sunn O))) and Converge, but echoes from the past can still be heard in their music, from Black Sabbath to Joy Division and Black Flag. Vol. II captures all this along with their unique energy and catchy desperation. This concept album will be released digitally in two parts: Part I: Daggers and Part II: Flowers. Completed and reinforced by fantastic original cover art, the music lets listeners into a cold and dark parallel universe. Vol. II is released by Blues From The Red Sun Records and distributed in Europe by Stickman.



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