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  • CFUL093 - 2xLPs

Cardinal Fuzz are proud to introduce Shooting Guns - Nosferatu Live Score. Stepping away from the Wolf Cop universe, Saskatoon psych renegades The Shooting Guns are focusing on some entirely different soundtrack work as they perform a live score to F.W. Murnau's horror classic Nosferatu. The Shooting Guns create the perfect doomy apocalyptic soundtrack for F.W. Murnau’s cinematic classic as over 70 minutes (and longer on the download code) The Shooting Guns ramp up the dread and tension that perfectly matches Nosferatu's gothic aesthetic. Haunting melodies chill the hairs on your neck until Count Orlok appears and they let loose a maelstrom of throbbing Wagnerian bummer riffs. Give yourself 70 minutes a darkened room and a spare pair of pants to absorb this masterpiece. A 500 Pressing with 200 for European Sales. A 2xLP in a gatefold sleeve and with a download code to experience the whole 70 minutes and more with no record flipping (the live score is one continuous piece of music)



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