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  • ITR338 - 12"

If the original intent of punk rock was to reject the excesses of mainstream rock, strip things back to bare bones basics, jettison slickness and embrace a DIY ethic, then The Revenge were punk rock personified. Formed in 1977 in Cheshunt, London by Lol Hammond (vocals / guitar), Ian Strange (bass / vocals) and Dave Edgar (drums / vocals), these teenagers played most of London’s punk clubs, including the Roxy. The band selfreleased two singles in 1978 on their own Loony Records before disbanding in 1979. Both 7-inches were pressed in incredibly small amounts and now have legendary status amongst collectors going for ridiculous sums. According to Lol Hammond, “I was totally blown away to learn our second single was changing hands at £400 a pop! We probably recorded it for less!” The recordings are extremely raw, even by punk standards— particularly on the band’s first single, where the guitar sound is so tough and scuzzy it would not sound out of place on a volume of Back From The Grave. Needless to say, the singles received little press and vanished without a trace. Nowadays Lol Hammond is one of London’s well known DJs who has recorded as Drum Club and Girl Eats Boy, collaborated with Roger Eno, directed film scores and has remixed the likes of Jah Wobble, Killing Joke and The Fall, to name but three. In The Red is proud to issue the first legitimate (these singles have been bootlegged) reissue of The Revenge’s two singles. Sonically restored by William Hayter and masterfully mastered by Mikey Young, these tracks sound better and louder than ever before. “With no more than 200 / 250 copies pressed, the first Revenge single was greeted by mostly negative reviews. In retrospect, it’s songs epitomize the essence of three-chord Punk.” —Mario Panciera, author of 45 Revolutions (1976/1979)


1. Our Generation
2. I Love Her Way
3. We?re Not Gonna Take It
4. Pornography


First legitimate reissue of UK punk bands
lone singles from 1978. Features Lol Hammond (Drum Club / Girl
East Boy), who has collaborated with
Roger Eno and remixed the likes of
Jah Wobble, Killing Joke, and The Fall

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