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  • SBR027 - LP

Let me introduce you to Skate Psych band Dr Chan from the south of Paris. Mixing Californian skate punk sounds like Fidlar and rubbing some King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard freakout psych into the wound while flirting with themes and spleen from Floridian Death rap like $uicideboy$. Southside Suicide is the bands most mature record to date. With this release they’ve really found their sound, filling the album with song after song of catchy hooks and melodies. The songs sung in English with a strong French accent remind you of some old 60’s French Nuggets compilation. This in itself brings it’s own unique character to the whole sound. Dr Chan have a slacker vibe that adds an element of fun to the rock n roll sound. This is one of if not the best garage album to come out of France for a long time. The band released an EP at the beginning of 2016 and quickly followed it up with an album on Black Totem Records. Southside Suicide is available on vinyl, CD and digitally. The first 100 vinyl are limited edition pink with black splatter while the rest are on black vinyl.



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